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National night out in Riviera Beach

As police violence across the country raises discussions about ways to improve relationships between cops and the community, the Riviera Beach Police department is determined to continue to bridge the gap in their community by building bridges and trust.

The police department along with community leader Derrick McCray, is urging all Riviera Beach residents to come out for a night of fun and dialog with your local officers.

McCray’s Backyard Bar-B-Q will be giving away free food to all who attend.

“It’s important for the community and the police to continue to have the tough conversations about policing and race. We also need to work on initiatives between the citizens and the police department so we can have a new level of respect for each other. We cannot live in a lawless society, but we don’t’ want cops killing black men either.” said McCray.

“Our theme is ‘Building Trust.’ This is an excellent opportunity for Law Enforcement and the community to interact in the absence of any crisis. These interactions build trust which leads to stronger overall relations,” Chief Clarence Williams said.

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